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Grandfather's 1974 Standard Beetle

Caleb Schrum

It all started in the very late 90’s or early 2000s. My grandfather found a white 1974 Standard Beetle and wanted to pull it behind our RV on trips. We took the car all out west, we are from North Carolina. As a kid, I remember the car being at Yellowstone National Park. My grandparents drove it to Canada and a lot of other places. Well, my grandfather, Gerald Schrum, passed in December of 2010. We sold it to a neighbor by the name of Scott Hensley, he restored the car with mainly Mid America Motorworks parts and I still to this day have the receipts. He restored to its former glory and had it painted.

Well we had more memories with the car driving it around the little town we live in. Scott decided to sell the car back to me in February of 2015, and we kept it parked and every now and then I would drive it around my pasture I sold it to a guy in Sourh Carolina in October of 2015, and he drove it for about a year and sold it to a woman in Franklin, NC. He sent me the information about where the car was located in 2017. She didn’t want to sell the car just yet and would let me know when she would be interested in selling it. Well in August of 2018, I got a text asking if I was interested in buying the car back, I immediately replied Yes!!. Well, I bought it back September 21st and will never let it back out of my family again. I’m very sentimentally attached to the car and shouldn’t have ever sold it. It’s on the road once again, and I love driving it back and fourth to work every day. Hope you all enjoy this story

Thanks, Caleb Schrum

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