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My First Car

Clayton Haffner

My interest in cars started in 7th grade with the slightest interest in the mechanical workings of cars and a trip over to a friend’s house. There, I was asked to help hold a light and run a car jack for a few minutes to drop the engine out. Little did I know that it would ignite a passion.

This passion has given me friends all over the country. My first job was helping the Mijanto's with their 1973 Super Beetle. I was merely the runner for tools and paper towels, but I was helping them with something they cherished. This was a blessing. They taught me everything I know about these vehicles and got me involved with the club that they had founded, Iowa Vdubbers.

At my third “Meet and Eat,” I saw my beetle, before it was in my possession of course. Nycole is my 1965 Euro Beetle and my first car. She has a AH code dual port engine. I am doing all the work myself, and many people look at me surprised when I say that because I'm 16. The last thing people expect is a teenager to be rebuilding a car. I have already done quite a bit to her, and have ordered all of my parts through Mid America Motorworks.

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