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It’s a WRAP!

Jack Badham

In the year 2000, I bought my current 1970 VW that had been owned by the first owner, making me the 2nd owner. My previous 1976 Bug was totaled in an accident, so I had my mechanic take the 1600 dual port out of it and put it into the 1970 Bug that I purchased as a replacement. I did a ‘poor-man’s restoration’ and it looked like new inside and out.

Over a 15-year period, my beautiful little Volkswagen Bug got pretty nasty looking due to oxidized paint, minor rust and a few accidents. I was getting too old to take care of it properly, so being an illustrator, I took 4 illustrations of trees I drew, brought them into PhotoShop CS and then submitted them to a vinyl wrap business here in the city of Orange, CA. Based on my specific instructions, they WRAPED the entire car! 

It’s a 7-year gloss-white vinyl printed using black and brown ink only. It took them 4 days to wrap it because a classic VW is just a bunch of compound curves, which are the most difficult surfaces to cover in adhesive vinyl. I get people commenting on it 6 or 7 times each day. Most folks think it’s a paint job…I tell them it’s not and they can’t believe it.

I truly love “ma Bug.” It’s rather unique to look at. When it’s parked, people stop, walk around it; put their hands on it to feel the ‘images’ on it; take photos of it. If I’m in it, they stop and ask me all about it! If I’m stopped in traffic behind a Rolls Royce, people will ignore the Rolls and ask me questions about my Bug while sitting in traffic. Well, I’m done yapping… I guess “It’s a WRAP!”

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