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My Kombi Now!

Jaime Flores

Hi guys! I’ve had this fervor for VWs since I was 19 years old in México City. I got my first VW Beetle in 1984 and so my passion begins. Then in 1999 I bought the 1991 VW Cabriolet Special Edition; then I bought a Golf 1987. Then a couple of BMW 325 convertibles. I still have one of them; a 328i convertible.

Three years ago I started to get into the Kombis or Buses. My uncle has about 13 VW Buses that they use as public transportation ( TAXI CAB ) in my hometown. I was one of their drivers, so I love to drive them. I’m thrilled to say that now I have one of my own – my 1978 Kombi Bus! I’ve been working so hard to finish it and can’t wait until it’s done!

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