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The Family Friend Lives On in the Bug.

Jason Ward

I bought my 1975 Volkswagen Super Beetle back in 2009. I bought this car a couple months after, Mike, a long time family friend of my dad's passed away.

He was a longtime Volkswagen lover and had several Beetles and Buses. Mike was the first person who got me into VW Beetles. He became sick and right before he passed away, I went to him and asked if he had a Bug for sale. Sadly, he had already sold all his Volkswagens.

Shortly after he passed away, I found a Super Beetle and bought it. I named it Mickey in tribute to our long time family friend. I thank him for getting me into Volkswagens.

I now have a Bug, a Bus, and even a Volkswagen tattoo. I am part of the Oil and Air Cooled VW Club of Wilmington, NC. I have pretty much restored this Bug to new and have put it in several car shows. It has even been filmed in a movie called "Hick."

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