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1972 VW Super Beetle Limousine

Phil Starr

In the early 1980s, we (at Starr Imports, Champaign, Il) undertook to stretch a 1972 VW Super Beetle. We wanted to transport our service customers to and from work or school in style. We cut the Beetle in half, stretched it 4 feet and added about 300 pounds of structural steel, including a roll bar in the divided area. We upholstered the roll bar and framed within it an electric privacy divider. By the mid 1980s, when the project appeared to be nearing completion we put an ad in the Yellow Pages. We wanted to recoup at least some of our investment in labor and materials. When the phone book appeared in November, 1985, we became immediately deluged with calls for limousine service--but we were nowhere near completion of the Beetle Limo. This is how our limousine service, Starr Limousine, was born. We finished the construction and painting only in 1988. The Beetle Limo is straight and rigid. No flexing. It starts fine, runs fine, stops fine. She draws wide grins and lots of upraised thumbs wherever she drives in town. She is now for sale. Thanks for viewing. - Phil Starr

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