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How everything started

Reinaldo Roller

The Story of My Buggy, a BRM M8 1995. I've always liked cars since childhood and like any child, I was always attracted to Buggy ... Watching TV episodes of Speed Racer, Speed Buggy, and Wonderbug and knew who Bruce Meyers, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill were from TV.

Every time I saw a buggy walking the streets of Spain, I became dazed and would hurry home to make drawings, inspired by the cars. As time passed and in my teens, my older brother was living in Natal, Brazil. We took a family vacation there from Spain and Buggys were everywhere, but I do not I was old enough to drive, so my interest in buggys continued to grow.

In my late teens, I went to college in Spain and studied mechanical engineering. My transportation during my time in college was the public transportation bus, still no buggy of my own. On the bus, on my way to college, passing the overpass Av. Councilman Jose Diniz above the Avenida dos Bandeirantes, I always could see the corner dealership with its exposed multi-colored Buggies, and every day I looked at it like a dream to be realized,

It was 1994, as an engineering, finally making money I had saved enough money to buy my first car. Cars with 1000cc engine with a reduction of IPI, were recently released, but were so bad and "peeled".  One day I worked up enough courage, got off the bus and went the dealership I had been passing by for years.

I was mad about the possibilities and varieties of things I could do if you had one of those cars. The prices were almost the same as the cars 1000cc newly launched, I thought my dream was unattainable. I went home that day just thinking about Buggy and kept thinking the following day also without stopping.

After much debate, I decided to buy the newly launched 1600 BRM M8;  a simple car, reliable, inexpensive to maintain, relatively inexpensive and with sporty appeal. I announced my decision to my family, girlfriend, and fellow students ... It was terrible ... I've never heard so much opinion contrary to my decision. And the things I heard were the most diverse, funny, controversial and absurd possible, I will cite a few examples: 1- But can you walk on the road with this car? 2- You have to wear a helmet? 3- You will get wet when it rains! 4- It's dangerous! 5- only fits two! 6- You can not stop in the street! 7 its weak! Plus a lot of things I do not even remember ...  

That discouraged me a little, but I was convinced and sure that would be the best for that time of my life. After that I went to the store and bought my first car, a 1600 BRM M8 brand new! Now the car at home and using it to go to college, work, parties, wedding, road, car every day the same and very satisfied, but continued to suffer "bullying" my family and friends to have a car nonstandard for them, but whenever they wanted to chance riding in the car and was always the subject in chat wheels ... I think they wanted to have one too !!!  

Today, 21 years later, I still have the buggy and he is much better than when I bought, absolutely flawless ... If I had bought a 1000cc at the time, how will he be now? Maybe walking, but hardly would like my buggy and harder still would have given me as much joy as the Buggy gave and continues to give today ...

I also married the girl who was the only one who supported me in the purchase of Buggy and she still supports me today ...

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