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Texas Rose

Robert Wilken

My story starts in 1972 when my Aunt was involved in a collision in her Karman Ghia. Injured and suffering from the total loss of her prized possession, she purchased her replacement vehicle, a 1973 Volkswagen Fastback. Aunt Elisa was a teacher and drove her Fastback, she loving named “Texas Rose”, 72,000 miles until her retirement in 1992. She parked the car on her property in Apple Valley California where it sat for 21 years in the dry desert air. My daughter saw the car on a visit to the house in 2013 and fell in love with it. With a couple phone calls and some promised pleading of its restoration, I was gifted the car and towed it home to Orange County. For nearly two years I worked on the car in my free time. Anyone who owns a Type 3 knows certain parts are harder to find than others, but in the end the car came together and is now restored to its original glory. My proud moment came just a couple weeks ago when I gave Aunt Elisa a ride in her restored beauty. It was great to see her smile and reminisce of when she drove the car home from the Alhambra dealership. My 17 year old daughter, Madison, is now learning how to drive her car and I know Texas Rose will be in the family forever.

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