"When we bought our first Air-Cooled VW, we didn’t know it was the start of a new lifestyle." Boy, can we relate! Enjoy these stories of the enthusiasts – and the cars – who prove that Air-Cooled VW is a lifestyle!

There’s a reason that Air-Cooled Volkswagens are such an iconic piece of the automotive culture. From first cars, to inherited vehicles and unexpected road trips, and the inevitable breakdown, everyone has a story about a classic Volkswagen. This collection of stories is told by the people who live the Air-Cooled VW passion. Whether it is multiple generations of families holding true to the Air-Cooled VW love, an Air-Cooled VW Club, a group of friends, or the neighbor, co-worker or acquaintance who thinks Air-Cooled VWs are really cool these are your stories told from your perspective. Thanks for keeping the Air-Cooled VW passion alive!

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  • My Dream Come True

    Branson Ravanh

    When I was a little guy around 3 years old, I watched what probably was a VHS copy of The Love Bug. I connected with that story and the characters reminded me of family members.

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  • From a Car to a Family Member

    Tristin Willoughby

    I’ve always had an obsession with Volkswagens, and it started at an early age. When I was around one or two years old, my grandma would watch me when my parents were working. One day when she was watching me I was constantly crying. She tried everything she could but I wouldn’t stop. She finally decided to put on a movie, that movie happened to be “The Love Bug” and I was instantly drawn into it.

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  • Grandfather's 1974 Standard Beetle

    Caleb Schrum

    In August of 2018, I got a text asking if I was interested in buying the car back, I immediately replied.

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  • Our $2,000 1972 Super Beetle

    Al Aitken

    We flew out to Arizona and bought it back.

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  • Life Long Vdub Fanatic

    Charles Powell

    My story begins in 1969, when I bought the first (of what would turn out to be) many bugs.

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  • How a Car Can Guide Your Life and Turn You into a Car Person

    Dan Pierce

    I watched the Herbie movie and I found myself drawn to this funny looking car.

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  • Memory of My Father

    Jose Olivencia Jr.

    The first car my dad bought for me was a 1953 Volkswagen Beetle 6 Volt. From that time Volkswagen has been the number one car in my eyes, for the rest of life.

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  • MY 1972 Super

    Steve Brush

    Son Honor's Father with Volkswagen Restoration.

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